An Alternative View of Politics & Democracy: Hindu Orientalism & The Logic of Othering with Irfan Ahmad

Today, we're joined by Professor Irfan Ahmad, a prominent figure in Anthropology-Sociology, currently teaching at Ibn Haldun University in Istanbul. With a rich academic background, including a significant tenure at the Max Planck Institute, Professor Ahmad's work critically examines the interplay between philosophy, power, and society. His analysis extends from challenging Western notions of critique in "Religion as Critique" to exploring "Hindu Orientalism" and the dynamics of nationalism and knowledge.

In this episode, we delve into Professor Ahmad's critical viewpoints, including his critique of consensus-driven philosophies and their implications in global contexts. Join us as we unpack key concepts from his research, discussing the intersections of welfare, warfare, and the nation-state, and offering insights into the potential of critique in contemporary discourse.