About Us

Who we are?

Nous Network is a Think Tank-Media house established in January 2022. With a team of diverse young students, running jobs that they are good at and learning the ones that they aren’t, Nous finds themes and builds links to transmit stories. With its credo ‘From Metaphysics to Masses’, it aims to reconstruct the discourse around human rights, development, culture, politics, and religion. To tell its stories, the team writes, draws, creates, and shows.

The pivot of Nous Network's work is cutting-edge research translated into mass consumable visual and graphic media content. In essence, it is an organization devoted to peace, justice, equality, and human dignity.


Our vision is to promote an environment conducive for building a better society through:

(a) extensive research in quest of the real issues of the people and the marginalised communities;

(b) exploring these problems and finding their solutions;

(c) building a network of right-thinking people dedicated to the cause of humanity; and

(d) unveiling the designs of the forces that cause inequalities and disharmony.

When we look at the coming years ahead, we find our audience deliberating with us, partaking in our discussions, and creating platforms for more to come.


We aim to deliver captivating stories to our audience, even the ones that cause discomfort. And that is where we intend to normalise questions, one, of the hierarchies within the communities, two, of themes of systemic oppression against them, and three, of paradigms of social justice. We believe that the gatekeeping of knowledge should be stopped. To bring that into action, we translate ideas with their nuances beyond the comfort of academia, amongst the wider public. We work to explore the discourse around human rights, develop comprehensive paradigms of development, and brainstorm on result-oriented philosophy and applied religious studies. What is in our sight are roadmaps for the empowerment of the marginalised communities.