Event Title: Alternative Paradigms: The Role of Research-Based Media

Saturday, 18th November 2023 | 8 PM IST


Explore and discuss innovative approaches to media content creation and dissemination, with a focus on research-based media.

Key Themes

  • Emphasis on the pivotal role of in-depth research in shaping narratives.
  • Challenging conventional paradigms in media.
  • Fostering a more informed and critical public discourse through research-based content.

Discussion Highlights

  • Importance of evidence-based reporting as a vital safeguard.
  • Role of research in creating an informed and discerning society.
  • Addressing challenges posed by the modern information landscape.

Opportunities for Attendees

  • Delve into discussions about the impact of evidence-based journalism.
  • Explore the realm of data-driven storytelling.
  • Understand the integration of academic research into media narratives.

Overall Goal

Promote a commitment to evidence-based reporting for a more informed society.

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